Made in Fano

For those inspired by origins.
For those who believe in the value of tradition.
For those looking for the power of innovation.
For those who choose the secrets handed down by craftsmanship

Every day we breathe the beauty of Fano, our city framed by enchanting views of the sea and colorful hills, the perfect setting on which our every project is born and grows. With its historical architecture, it is our inspiring muse: every street, every corner of a place tells us a story.

For this reason we believe in the recovery of origins, the basis for building a new exclusive story, destined to overcome the test of time and fashions.

Fano is our meeting place with architects and designers, custodian of our most precious assets: from raw materials to production processes up to the workers, strictly from the Marche region. Our kitchens are always original creations: they are born through the study of forms and the skilful use of materials, inspired by the aesthetics and roots of our territory.

For those who design an inimitable project.
For those who refuse the copy and paste.
For those who want to enhance talent, genius and creativity.
For those who believe in the perfect encounter between form and matter.

From concept to creation.

From the idea to the creation: a fascinating journey that crossing the designers creativity, the material of the planet, the expectations of the client. Our production process is focused on sustainability and will-being, essential concepts for creating human-sized creations.


The core of a kitchen design project is the man, his lifestyle, his preferences, his tastes. The initial briefing is crucial to know the shades of the personality who will be living the Officine Fanesi kitchen. The first meeting is fundamental in order to create that feeling, the one feeling that is necessary for the excellent implementation of all the production phases.


The technical department will develop virtual graphics rendering and will draw up a full book of technical specifications materials and textures with the initial sale offer.


Experienced and qualified specialists will perform all the stages: nesting, laser cutting of all the components, bending and welding.


The synergic work between the various departments ensures that each of the phases following the design are organic to each other: nesting, laser cutting, bending and welding of all the components.


A specialized and experienced team will take care of the full kitchen installation, in a suitably equipped room. The know-how acquired during this phase will be transferred to technical and detailed manuals in order to share it with the staff in charge of the final pose of the kitchen. This manual will provide and share with them useful methods of resolution of any error that could occur in the design, assemble or execution phase of the kitchen itself.

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