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Lisippo, imperishable soul

A new aestehetic canon for outdoor

Works & Stories

Lisippo, imperishable soul

A new aestehetic canon for outdoor

This project is our tribute to a symbol of our city: the Lysippo, a famous bronze sculpture, made between the 4th and 2nd century BC. Found by chance in 1964 by a fishing boat from Fano, today exhibited at the Getty Villa in Malibù in California, waiting to finally return home.


Marche, Fano




Roberto Calcagnini

This outdoor creation was born within our Design & Creative Lab, led by the architect Roberto Calcagnini. In every detail it tells our idea of Made in Fano: every street, every corner, every glimpse between the blue of the sky and the light of the sea inspires our research work.

We believe in the recovery of origins, in the choice of living materials and in the design of stylistic solutions that open up new aesthetic and functional possibilities. The nature of Lisippo is immediate and without frills.

An obvious intention already from the choice of materials: natural 316 stainless steel for outdoor use, oak wood treated to resist water and sun, dekton able to remain perfect and unchanged in all weather conditions.

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The architect speaks


To give shape to Lisippo we started from a box enriched and personalized with all the necessary functions, with the return to the handle to give importance and consistency.

Steel and oak, materials of great aesthetic result and certified resistance, communicate the indestructible character.

And this is precisely the fulcrum of the kitchens Officine Fanesi. The finishes change, but the soul is imperishable. Like the famous Lisippo, born to live forever.