Officine Fanesi stands out for idealizing the organization of domestic spaces, introducing new outdoor living habits, realizing kitchens with a sartorial quality and a unique design. The attention to detail and to the refinement of all the manufacturing techniques makes it possible to diversify and enrich the customization of the project proposal, through a versatile language and a unique and unmistakable style.

Officine Fanesi’s philosophy is to create the artist’s kitchen, an innovative and exclusive product, synthesis of modernity and tradition. The concept and the idea of a kitchen designed in stainless steel, is the answer to the demand and needs of those designers and architects from all over the world that are looking for new solutions and experimentations in order to keep the pace of the avant-garde challenge. The flexibility in the structure and in the choice of the textures are an expression of the custom-made kitchen for your own space, thought to increase its potential versatility in creating a totally involving living experience.