The company follows the entire life cycle of the kitchen products, being careful to reduce the environmental impact and constantly researching and implementing new strategies that give the chance to minimize destructive effects on the Planet Earth. A commitment that is being realized in the process of raw materials procurement, use and manufacture, waste disposal and inexhaustible energy sources and eco-materials choice. These solution are implemented without the typical Italian high-quality standard manufacture being neglected. 

The choice of local raw materials and the use of recycled and fully recyclable materials, are aimed at reducing the environmental costs of transport, processing and use.

Raising awareness of eco-sustainability values is also evident in the design of essential and functional solutions that help managing waste separate collection in an easy way, even in small spaces.



The core of a kitchen design project is the man, his lifestyle, his preferences, his tastes.

The initial briefing is crucial to know the shades of the personality who will be living the Officine Fanesi kitchen. The first meeting is fundamental in order to create that feeling, the one feeling that is necessary for the excellent implementation of all the production phases.



The technical department will develop virtual graphics rendering and will draw up a full book of technical specifications materials and textures with the initial sale offer.



Experienced and qualified specialists will perform all the stages: nesting, laser cutting of all the components, bending and welding.



The synergistic work between the various departments makes each of the phases following the design process organic: from nesting to laser cutting to bending and welding of all the components.

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A specialized and experienced team will take care of the full kitchen installation, in a suitably equipped room.

The know-how acquired during this phase will be transferred to technical and detailed manuals in order to share it with the staff in charge of the final pose of the kitchen. This manual will provide and share with them useful methods of resolution of any error that could occur in the design, assemble or execution phase of the kitchen itself.